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Jon and Karen Larson Family Foundation

Our People



                                                                        Board of Trustees:

  • Jon H. Larson   Chairman

  • Karen B. Larson  Director

  • Derek Larson  Director

  • Todd Morrison  Director


  • James Thompson  Director elect

  • Jerome Johnston  Director elect

  • Ed Dennis  Director elect

  • Fred Hanser   Director elect


  • Jon H. Larson  President

  • Karen B. Larson  Vice President

  • Derek Larson  Treasurer

  • Hien Larson  Secretary


LFF was co-founded in 2000 by Jon and Karen Larson. After many years of individual entrepreneurial non-profit community service activities, their community work continues through LFF.

Jon and Karen's current community service responsibilities in non-profit organizations include:





Jon H. Larson                                                                               Karen Brown Larson



               Derek Larson                  Hien Larson  (and Zachary)



LFF Advisors:

The following key individuals, through their important works in the community through their own respective non-profit organizations, have provided and continue to provide important inspiration, counsel, advice and program leadership which have served as sources of information and support to Jon and Karen Larson and the Larson Family Foundation to help guide our own affairs and community programs.  In turn, LFF has provided financial and program support to each of their own community based non-profit foundations. 


                   Melissa Nelson                              Jim Haley                                                    Tom Furrer


Pauline Sato


Advisors to LFF also include Paul Chaffee and Tonu Shane Eagleton.


Legal Counsel:

William E. Taggart, Jr.

Taggart and Hawkins

1901 Harrison St. Suite 1120

Oakland, CA 94604




We consider Our People to include those who provide donations and financial support.  As a membership organization, all those who donate become members and are entitled to participate in the governance of the foundation.

Your Donations to LFF are welcome. They allow us to expand our work in the communities of California and Hawaii.  All donations are fully tax deductible.  

LFF accepts donor advised donations for distribution to non-profit organizations and individuals whose stated community activities operate within our four main focus areas.  100% of donor advised donations are redistributed through grants. The Donor retains the option to specify (recommend to LFF) how to spend his or her specific donation. 

LFF has an extremely low overhead. All board members, officers, management and advisors currently serve without financial compensation.  LFF family assumes 100% of the costs for operating the foundation. Therefore 100% of donations received are applied towards the needs of other individuals and non-profit organizations.   

Please call us if you believe you have a project or a non-profit organization that would benefit from support by LFF.  Our grants range from $250 minimum to multi-year grants exceeding $10,000 per organization or project. 

On behalf of all of those who have participated in LFF supported projects, may our endeavors in the pursuit of healing between all living things on this planet become the important work of us all.

"As we give, so shall we receive...".  



Jon and Karen Larson with the One Voice 9-11 Healing Totem sculpture donated to the Bronx Zoo in New York City on 9-5-2002.