" For the children of Iraq" -

an Interfaith response of Hope

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An open Invitation to People of All Faiths:

is the global humanitarian organization that is leading the campaign.  You are invited to become part of our Bay Area interfaith response that will provide relief, build trust among faith communities, and help tend to the needs of the children of Iraq.


At the height of the Iraq war, faith leaders from around the Bay Area gathered to discuss ways we could:

  • work together to provide relief for the children of Iraq;
  • build bridges of trust and cooperation, and
  • make sure that the suffering of those in need was not overshadowed or forgotten.

Now the most intense part of the conflict is over, but the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable remain, especially the needs of Iraq's 11 million children.  These needs will remain for many months and years into the future.




Help us make, collect and deliver 10,000 CWS "Gift of the Heart" Health and School Kits to the children of Iraq this year.

" For the children of Iraq" - an Interfaith response of Hope




   Press release:



     SAN FRANCISCO – July 16, 2003 – A committed group of Bay Area interfaith organizations and congregations have joined forces to bring aid to the children of Iraq – innocent bystanders who have seen their young lives shaken irreparably since the start of the U.S. military operation in their country. The Organization for Children of Iraq, which is spearheading the campaign, believes its efforts will raise awareness of the Iraqi children’s plight and encourage Americans to donate their time, energy and money to helping improve the children’s living conditions.


     As a result of the ongoing conflict in Iraq, an overwhelming and growing amount of Iraqi children have been injured, have lost one or both of their parents, and are now homeless. In conjunction with Interfaith Center at the Presidio, the Contra Costa Interfaith Council, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, the Larson Family Foundation and several Bay Area congregations, temples and mosques, the Children of Iraq Initiative intends to collect 10,000 health and school kits to be distributed in Iraq as early as the end of September 2003. The kits, which contain donated items such as soap, wash cloths, band-aids –health and pencils, paper, rulers – school are being assembled and donated by volunteers from interfaith groups and congregations throughout the Bay Area. The Kit Campaign began accepting donations July 1, 2003, and the effort will culminate August 31, when several interfaith picnics are scheduled to take place around the Bay Area including the main event to be help at the Main Chapel at the Presidio in San Francisco. Several non-profit organizations will be represented along with leaders from the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim faiths. Local children can take part in the assembly of the health and school kits alongside Bay Area community leaders in an effort symbolizing the notion of people helping people regardless of beliefs.


     “Although the war was declared ‘over,’ countless Iraqis are still displaced in its aftermath and have been unable to restore their lives. We are committed to seeing our efforts through until a time when the Iraqi people can stand on their own feet, and their children are no longer at risk,” said Initiative Participant and Church World Service Chief Development Officer Rev. Peter D. Crouch. “We believe we can make a real difference by coordinating the time, energy and resources of caring individuals who may come from different communities but share the same concern for helping their fellow men and women in Iraq.”


     For more information about the Children of Iraq Interfaith Picnic Event, to assemble health and school kits or to make financial contributions to other charities that are helping the people and children of Iraq please call 415-722-1161 or visit www.ChurchWorldService.org.
























  is an interfaith organization with long established ties to Iraq. CWS has been delivering much needed health and school supplies to the Iraqi peoples for over 12 years.  CWS is leading the program nationwide and is making their organization, resources and delivery system available in the Bay Area to enable us to participate in their ongoing national program.


Church World Service's programs shipped $5 million worth of supplies in 2003 to over 80 countries around the world.   CWS has been doing this for 57 years. It is one of the main services CWS provides to congregations that are members of the 36 denominations that work cooperatively through Church World Service.  It is also CWS policy to work independently, as much as possible, from using any military personnel to ship our supplies as this could put CWS international field staff and international partners at risk.  It is part of CWS philosophy that humanitarian assistance needs to be seen as independent from military action. 


Learn how you can help donate CWS "Gift of the Heart" School and Health Kits

"For the children of Iraq" -

an Interfaith response of Hope _____________________________________________________